Why Would You Want to See a Doctor Online?
11 Jul

Why Would You Want to See a Doctor Online?

Seeing a doctor online, or “telemedicine” is great option for sick individuals because not only does it allow patients to get medical advice right from their homes, it also lowers the physical load on physical healthcare facilities so that the more critical patients get better and faster care.

Benefits of Seeing a Doctor Online
Seeing a doctor online facilitates the access to healthcare for patients and ultimately improves their health outcomes. This not only saves time and resources but also the cost of managing those patients. Certain benefits of telemedicine include:

  • Patients in rural and remote areas can access specialty services easily
  • Saves travel and possibly accommodation cost of patients, traveling to reach the services far from their region
  • Earlier diagnosis results in early treatment
  • Saves unnecessary emergency room and/or urgent care visits
  • Addresses the shortage of healthcare providers
  • Employees do not have to miss hours or days of work just to see a doctor

Common Illnesses Manageable by Telemedicine
Although face-to-face discussion with the doctor is important and recommended in management of any disease, there are certain circumstances in which it’s not possible and telemedicine serves as the best possible way to receive expert advice from the specialists.

Certain illnesses that can be managed or their management improved through telemedicine include:

  • Second opinions: patients can discuss any of their diseases with another physician or specialist online and have a second opinion without going through the long process of appointments and traveling to another doctor
  • Common infections: common infections can be managed or reviewed through telemedicine. This also prevents the spread of those infections through patients interaction at the healthcare facility
  • Management of chronic illnesses: patients can be managed and reviewed regularly from home without the pain of going to healthcare facilities over and over again, including:
      • Diabetes
      • Stroke
      • COPD
  • During pregnancy: pregnant women can discuss and benefit from telemedicine without going to the hospital with every small change or symptom in daily routine. They can discuss with the experts through telemedicine to confirm if the symptoms is something serious or just a routine change
  • Psychological issues: patients with psychological issues can discuss their issues with the physicians and psychologists. This allows even those patients who are shy and hesitant to share their issues with family members and don’t want others to know about them by going to the doctors office physically

Remember that physically meeting the doctor is always better than virtual consultation, however there are various occasions in which telemedicine can be helpful for a number of patients in allowing them to not only get a better diagnosis but also helps them in better management of the disease once it’s diagnoses.

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